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The Kibos Foundation was founded by Dr Kibos in 2020 along with a dedicated clinical & scientific advisory board of 7 key additional members (2 cardiovascular surgeons, 4 cardiologists and 2 scientists). Our steadfast interest has been finding a solution for the broad health needs in rural areas of Kenya. As Dr Ambrose always says, “we need everything”.

This led to the concept for a product called health care on wheels to deliver primary care health services to rural Kenya. Interestingly, we have piloted two mobile missions in rural Kenya to strengthen covid health information in the school system. Indeed, the image on the top of this page is our hired vehicle that became bogged on the last mission.


There is a need to re-design or obtain an off the shelf vehicle that is fit for purpose to reach a significantly greater area of remote and rural Kenya. The vehicle system should be coordinated and scaled for many end users.

This is part of our fund-raising mission to have an expanded health care on wheels base for all rural Kenya.

When we have reflected at the advisory board level, it is apparent that voluntary doctor missions for rural outreach in Kenya will not contribute to sustainable outcomes.

It will help a targeted community and make us feel good but will not solve the Kenyan Governments mandate for universal health care.

One problem is evident is that there is a lack of Kenyan trained doctors interested in rural outreach as a real career option.

We wish to solve this problem, via having a platform solution including training, advanced vehicles and a linked health ecosystem in place. Hence rural health care needs to be coordinated.

Having high end technological equipment linked to training and available for missions, we believe will provide a rewarding career for trained and well paid mobile Kenyan doctors.

There is an epidemic of metabolic disease and hypertension in rural communities. Hence there is a need to expand the skill base for cardiovascular medicine to deal with the epidemic.

We will replicate the health care on wheels ecosystem and develop a linked Center for cardiovascular device training. Simulation and Education to expand cardiovascular training in Kenya. The same physical centre will also train doctor for health care on wheels. 


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Health Care on Wheels

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Cardiovascular Simulation Training Center