Training, Simulation, Education

We think of cardiovascular practice in Kenya not as a single practice, but as a network of interlocking ones. The Kenya cardiovascular doctors and hospitals training systems are fragmented, with a short term outlook and under-resourced. Industry training in devices is not sustainable and is uncoordinated. There is a need for a national coordinated centre delivering training, simulation and education for clinical training and device uptake.

This would be defined as an educational ecosystem supporting skill based learning for cardiovascular doctors and trainees in Kenya. The goal of the Kibos foundation is improving cardiovascular doctor community relationships and outcomes through education and training. Doctors come and go, but these principles should be timeless with the right education and training and linkages to both community, hospitals and industry.

As partners, we strive for honesty and clarity. Our first job is to understand Kenya’s vision and needs for the development of a well equipped cardiovascular training ecosystem, not to present our own. We value industry, the medical community, hospital networks and community rural outreach. Interactive simulation education over presentations is key to equipping the doctors with advanced, safe cardiovascular skills.

The Kibos foundation is well connected to Kenya. We have been fortunate to have an advisory collaborative research and clinical board with broad expertise in cardiovascular medicine and education that is linked to a number of countries outside Kenya. We believe sincerely with a connected and coordinated cardiovascular training ecosystem in Kenya we can up skill, expand and continue to deliver quality cardiovascular care starting now and into the future. It is not about us it is about building up a skilled cardiovascular work force in Kenya with advanced training. A simulation center within a building will exist in time and its usefulness will be directly related to how well it continues to perform. We are creating a sustainable education training centre through co-design.

We are proud of our global outreach but do not wish to be charity that coordinates fly-in fly out international doctors on demand we want Kenya to be independent and a leader in cardiovascular medicine. We consider ourselves exponents of value adding to the design of an ecosystem for cardiovascular medicine training. Where a training centre must first and foremost be suited to local needs. We have ensured this by including the top 100 cardiologists and cardiovascular surgeons and imaging specialists in Kenya to help share the vision.

We are inviting leading industry players to co-fund our vision. In doing so industry will be provided with a leveraged network to bring new devices, train the next generation of doctors in their use and feel that they have a shared presence in Kenya and greater Africa. As we train more doctors in cardiovascular medicine, this will expand device and imaging markets in Kenya. Now is the time for industry to invest and be connected.